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released September 15, 2015



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séancé Massachusetts

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Track Name: i already miss everyone
and ikno when the feeling goes i will feel alone
i was enough, was it bad enough (who have i upset)
i don't like the feeling of having to talk so i lie on the floor staring at the ceiling should i bother to share, making you understand would be too easy
i just wanna pick rhubarb with nana and say goodbye to and hug and kiss grandpa then we'd turn into crows and fly back home
Track Name: oksure (mysuperegosucks)
ur not gonna like me very much anymore
i can't tell what's gonna happen next
im gonna leave here and walk down the street to forget about you
i'm not gonna like you very much after this
you might hate me i don't care
i wanna touch your hair
i'm not sorry for being a mess
i keep it hidden so i can pass the test
Track Name: drawing catalogues
the only way to beat them is to join them. i have six bad dreams every night i don't know when i'll get tired what would i call it what would i say
the info reminds me i'll be okay i make the same sandwich every day i'll put in my catalogue oooohoooooh
i had worries then that it would end -swimming through i thought that i saw you. drawing catalogues and being a nice dog.
Track Name: feels-ing
my best friend had a dream that i died, so i tried to get back to my life, so i tried to get back inside. but nothing changed after i died, so i looked at the sunset and cried at night and i tried and i tried to get back to something i lost or never had -it's relieving to have this feeling to have to have -- gratitude gratitude makes you appreciate the things you have like hanging around upside down to swing upside down on the old apple tree i never swung upside down on the old apple tree gratitude gratitude makes u wanna go outside and look up at the sky gratitude gratitude is being on top of a big tree so i look up at the sky on the old apple tree and i'll remember them when i look at the sky and i'll remember them when i look at the sky and i'll remember him when i see the planes go by.